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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ecoposh Monkey Bum

Sleep Training

Ecoposh diaper inside
In the grand scheme of things the sleeping through the night issue has gotten a lot better. We are down to about once or twice a night that Monkey Z wakes up and cries, then goes back to sleep.
That is not to say we did not endure one of the hardest weeks to date. We are talking about sleeping 8-10 hours over the course of a week! Not fun, people; definitely glad it's over.

Enter Ecoposh

Ecoposh diaper liners snapped together
A while back I decided to buy a night time diaper option that I wasn't sure about using. It sat for a while because of the prep required. Some may know, some may not, that I use cloth diapers exclusively. This is for a lot of reasons, one of them being money. While the initial cost is pretty high, you are essentially paying for something that will last more than one child, be it yours or someone else's, rather than for loads and loads of stuff that you are just going to throw away. But I digress...
Ecoposh diaper liners pictured individually

I went to Rosie Posie Baby to purchase two more yesterday. Essentially they are recycled cotton made into a one size pocket diaper (with snaps) with two rather thick inserts that snap together. Since the whole diaper is made of cotton, they must be worn under some sort of cover, preferably wool. This makes them tremendously breathable, while still keeping the bed from getting soaked.  They cost about $35 a set, so if you plan to get several you are going to have to invest. That does not include the price of the cover. I bought the pants which were $60. You can read more about the benefits of cloth diapering and specifically using natural materials at Green Mountain Diapers.
Ecoposh stuffed and snapped

Rosie Posie

The great thing about Rosie Posie Baby is that Rose, the owner, has a system to let you try before you buy. That way you can decide if the whole cloth diapering thing is for you or not. I, on the other hand, knew that's what I wanted to do before Monkey Z even came along.
The retail store is located in Anaheim, for those that are local, but Rose also has an online store and offers a registry, as well.

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