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Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring 2012 Project update

Project update... the latest one.

Warning: This page contains an image that some might find disturbing, disgusting, etc (read: dead gopher)... If this is you, do not read this post.
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Home Improvement


I got together with my mother to hash out the details of what needs to be fixed and when and put together a Home Improvement Binder (courtesy of Tip Junkie). We prioritized so that we would not be butting heads about what needed to be done and in what order.

Forever more with the Weeds!

Our friends, the M's, were gracious enough to help us do a huge amount of yard work prior to my Elegant Day with Mum Afternoon Tea. Without them, our yard would still be a disaster!
Momma kitty and Boots

Cats, rats, and other varmints

The momma kitty finally decided to move her 3 kittens elsewhere rather than reside on our back porch. That just happens to be next door, but better there than here.
There still seems to be a profuse amount of rat droppings in the garage. Hopefully, the traps we set will work soon...
Ick! Need I say more?
So this gopher decided to turn up on our driveway. I sent B-chan a picture thinking that it would still be on the drive way when he got home. Alas, when I returned after an errand it had disappeared. Good riddance! I would rather not deal with another gopher ordeal.


 My sewing desk has once again emerged from the mess to be joyfully employed in quite a few projects. I was finally able to clean off the mess, donate some stuff, and for the first time (in a long time) open the table to sew! I made bags as favors for my Afternoon Tea event. Not bad at $1.12 per bag!
I am slowly going to make progress on digging out some of the older projects I have. Many are mending projects, like the overnight bag I made with cheap handles that couldn't bear the weight of what I carried.
Also, I found inexpensive handles at Daiso, so I will try to use some of my home decorating material for that. My yukata will have to wait because I want to make a jinbei (boy's yukata) for Monkey Z by Expo.
Homemaking Binder and Wipes
Currently, I am mid project for the M's. Momma M gave me some old receiving blankets to make wipes. Yeah, re-purposing!
Lastly, my sis-in-law is expecting in June, so I want to make the effort on something handmade for her and Baby Yeh #2.


Since I have the blog, I take pictures of the things I do, so that I can write about them. Also, I am trying to take pictures of Monkey Z so that I can document his milestones. He can sit, crawl, stand, walk with help, cruise, and is beginning to feed himself. We are scheduled to attend the Huntington's Free Day for the month of May *does victory dance*, so I will be breaking out the DSLR for that.
The wedding Video will still have to wait. Soon, though...

Monkey Z

We are neck deep in sleep training. It is getting better though. I purchased cloth diapers specifically for night time. They seem to be helping because we don't have to endure him crying because his diaper is soaked. He still wakes up and cries, but is capable of going back to sleep on his own in a shorter amount of time. I will finally get my 2011 Christmas present when he can sleep all the way through. Any day now... Please?!

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