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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Green Monkey Beehind

So this is the latest addition to the Monkey's diaper stash. It is a sized wool wrap in green. It does the same thing as the long green wool pants we initially got Monkey Z to go over his Ecoposh night time options.
Of the two, I think I like this one better because it doesn't seem so big on him. Also, we can use it with the sleep sack. I think it will take less time to dry, too, because it's not quite as thick.
As usual I purchased it from Rosie Poise Baby in Anaheim. Rose is always helpful, and the last couple times I've been in the store, she was found coaching another customer through a diaper rental, a try before you buy option.
Please send some business her way if you are or know a mommy in the Anaheim area. She has other items besides cloth diapers, so go visit her store.

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