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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gagging the Monkey

We were outside so that I could water the lawn and try to fix my sewing machine with the wrong part (another story) when Monkey Z decided to taste one of those weeds that looks like wheat.
Let me just tell you now that needing to use what I learned in CPR is very scary. Being able to know what to do when that emergency hits, priceless!
So, what happened? The little Monkey was tasting every piece of grass he could get his hands on. I didn't think it would be so dramatic, so I didn't come to him right away. Then I noticed that he was coughing... Like he was trying to get something out. Mommy mode kicked into high gear and I picked him up and turned him over to do the back blows and scoop out what was in his mouth. I did it but to no avail. He was still choking, nevermind he'd just lost the snack and nursing I'd given him.
After he vomited, I took him to the bathroom to clean him up, hoping that whatever it was came out. He was still choking, so I tried giving him water to help clear the taste from his vomit and wash down whatever was bothering him. Still, to no avail.
I could see that his nose was running and that the object was still in his throat by how he was rubbing his face. So as a last effort, I used the blue suction bulb they give you at the hospital. It was quite literally a life saver!
I put him on the changing table, and with no mercy for the lodged object, suctioned like his life depended on it because it did. When I picked him up, it finally popped out in two pieces (pictured), and he promptly smiled and carried on in his little monkey way.
Scariest 5 minutes ever, but I am darn well glad that CPR is a requirement for teachers. I knew what to do in this situation, would you have if you were in my place? Thank you Red Cross; money well spent.

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