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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mini Star for the Monkey

So the little one is walking... Almost. I thought I'd start using shoes to protect his little feet. The thing is most of the baby shoes (mini versions of adult shoes) don't really allow the baby's feet to develop properly because of their thicker soles.
Enter Mini Star shoes. They are elasticized baby shoes with soft leather soles. Sadly they are overpriced, but they are rather cute.
I saw them a while ago but was hesitant to purchase them for their selling price. At $15 a pair, they cost a pretty penny for baby shoes, at least in my opinion. Still, whining and complaining about the price initially didn't ultimately keep me from buying them, though. I tried other shoes we received as hand me downs (thank you, momma ED), but he doesn't seem to balance as well as when bare footed. Hence, the purchase, and since I plan to re-use clothes for baby #2 regardless of boy or girl (hopefully, next year), I won't have to buy another pair, barring any size issues, of course. At the very least, I have a prototype for making my own, as with the jinbei I bought the monkey for Anime expo.
I feel better about letting Z run around in the shoes because they will keep his feet from getting dirty or cut, and they will allow his feet to develop more freely.
Sidebar: I wonder if my balance issues (you know, tripping on every set of steps I have ever had to climb or descend) stem from having to wear the corrective sheoes they used to put on babies for in-toeing. Heck, I don't even need anything to trip over! I've got my own to feet for that, thank you very much, pigeon toed feet! Yes, another thing that makes me a freak of womanhood.

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  1. Pedipeds are great shoes as well for pre-walkers. They allow the natural stride of a baby's developing foot. We used them for all 3 of our girls. They are expensive as heck as well, but about twice a year they have a "Purchase with a Purpose" sale where proceeds from the sale of certain shoes that are discounted go to some cause or another. As luck would have it, they have their sale going on right now and you can find some shoes for $12 and $15 dollars. I know that price range is still high based on your post above, but the shoes are very good quality and you could see if they have a pair that would be good for him for the winter time since their sizes run in increments of month ranges (0-6, 6-12, 12-18 etc) pediped.com if you are interested.