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Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's in Your Diaper Bag Now?

My Diaper Bag Contents, Now...

Gotta love the grainy cell phone pictures, right?! I thought I might post an update to a post I made early on, when I really started blogging seriously.
So, my little monkey has grown up now and is almost 13 months old.  He's walking, talking, pointing, questioning, and attempting to self- feed (keyword: attempting). Thus with an older child, diapering needs differ; hence, contents change. Some of the items should look familiar, though.

First Column:

Sunscreen: I pack Burt's Bees stick and Neutrogena baby. My little monkey is dark since I forget to put it on him most of the time. Of note, the Burt's Bees gave him a little rash, so I stick with Neutrogena.
Saline Spray: This goes with the blue bulb (to the left) to remove anything blocking his airways. Yes, I removed a foxtail with it.
Wipe spray: As mentioned in several earlier posts, I use cloth diapers and wipes exclusively. So, I moisten the wipes with my own concoction of baby wash and essential oil.
Wet bag: Yes, this one is different from the one pictured in the other post because sometimes I forget to pack it or it needs, desperately, to be laundered. This is my back-up.
Changing pad: This is for all the seemingly family friendly establishments that don't have a changing table installed in their restrooms so that my little monkey does not have to put his bare bum on the public restroom floor.
Cloth Wipes: My trusty dollar store case of cheap flannel cut into squares is indispensable!

Second Column:

Blue Bag: This always contains some clean clothes. Blue=clean, Yellow=dirty.
Blanket: Some sort of blanket is always included. The most useful and versatile is the swaddling blanket from Aden & Anais. Now, I use them to cover his stroller when we're out during nap time.
Diapers: Again, this is a diaper bag. I include 2 kinds: my one-sized all-in-ones (orange and blue), and my pre-folds with covers (white). Number of diapers depends on how long and where we are going.

Third Column:

Nursing Cover: No longer necessary for its intended purpose, but it does cover the stroller well for napping without the bulk of blankets.
Bib: Arguably, self-feeders are the messiest beings on the planet. Enough said.
Tote bag: This is one of my favorite bags because it is easy to access, sturdy, and reminds me of one of my favorite places. It's not too fussy either, with only one zipper pocket.

MIA (Not Pictured):

Lunch bag: I ALWAYS bring food for my monkey. Again, how much depends on when and where we are going. It just makes for a happier kid and mommy.
Shoes (or socks): Now that my monkey is walking, being in the stroller or cart won't always cut it. Besides, sometimes I want him to walk, explore, etc. so that when we get home there is absolutely no fuss over nap. It's good exercise for him, too.
Car Toys: I keep a set of toy keys, a couple small balls, and a stuffed animal (baby version of sock monkey) for him in the car. On the contrary, like today, he prefers something of mine (like my Hello Kitty wallet) to chew on.

What about you? 

If you are a mom of a child in diapers, how has your diaper bag evolved? I started out with a fancy one, and I even bought a more manly looking one for my husband. Admittedly, they are a bit fussy now that Monkey Z is getting older and I am more seasoned at traveling with said child.
Do you find that you are traveling lighter? Take a minute to tell us how your bag has evolved, as this does seem to be a popular post. Thank you in advance for your insight.

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