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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Green Monkey and Hut

A Collection

Evernote Notebook: Homemade Household and Personal

 I decided to make public the collection of recipes I collected from the web to continue the process of green-ifying my home. Since I already do cloth diapers and wipes, I thought I would expand my green methods into other areas. The link above will take you to my Evernote notebook with my collection of DIY recipes from diaper wash to deoderant to gopher repellant.
I used the web-clipper via Google's Chrome browser (indispensable, might I add) to make the notes so that you have the articles/recipes not just URL links. Sidebar: If you have not tried Chrome (for Windows) and Chrome for Android (if that's what you have), I highly recommend them, as the web pages you view sync effortlessly.
As for me, I will be trying the diaper wash first because that's what I need. I will probably tackle dish washing liquid next, and ... Oh yeah, I have that wet-bag project I need to get to sometime in this lifetime. Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out how to make my own version of the PackIt that is super popular right now.
FYI: If you decide that taking the greener path is the way to go, I suggest starting to save containers, especially glass ones with lids, to store your bountiful concoctions. I have a stash of glass jars and lids from my mother, as well as, a couple pump and spray bottles we just finished.

The Monkey

On a completely unrelated note, my little monkey started walking the day after his first birthday. He sprouted a tooth a (very whiney) week later. So, momma decided that it truly is time to be done nursing. We were down to once a day until I realized that he was getting more from his pre-bedtime dose of milk than he was from me. So, to my relief, I can wear normal clothes again (ladies, you know what I mean!). By the time 8 months rolled around, I was about ready to be done. We have also made it through the sleep training, which made leaps and bounds of progress once I cut out nursing during the day. He is very curious asking about and pointing at everything, jabbering on in Wookie. He is also quite the social butterfly; he says hello and goodbye to almost anything that moves (including what goes down the toilet, hopefully that will be helpful for potty training).


Hope you enjoyed the 411 on the monkey and that you get some use out of the recipes I have listed in the notebook. In addition, the notebook also contains projects to cut down the paper waste in your home by replacing disposable wipes and Swiffer pads with reusable ones. Happy greening!

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